Smagulov Yerbulat Akizhanovich

Candidate of Historical Science

Erbulat Akizhanovich is rightfully considered the discoverer of the ancient Kultobe settlement. Under his leadership, the Turkestan archaeological team of the Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Archeology Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR in 1980–1982 was undertaken the first thorough research of Kultobe.

In 2010, Erbulat Akizhanovich returned to the study of the Kultobe settlement with the idea of focused archaeological excavations as a result of which a unique architectural complex of the oldest citadel was discovered.

At the beginning of 2019, he led the archaeological team on the “Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement” project.

Throughout his many years of research, Erbulat Akizhanovich published more than 200 scientific papers and monographs that have made a significant contribution to the science of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Among them, the author's monograph “Ancient Turkestan: Strokes to a Historical Portrait” (Almaty, 2017) stands out especially.