Project innovation

The project "Restoration of historical objects of the Kultobe settlement" should be considered an innovative stage in the study of domestic historical and cultural heritage based on the strengthening of the geographic information component, the use of digital computer technologies and 3D visualization, and the organization of the study of a number of objects in a complex, interdisciplinary manner in order to involve these objects into the industry of internal and external tourism, training students, undergraduates and doctoral students.

The project also involves a synthesis of the development of the original research methodology and practical methods of archaeological searches, excavations, conservation, restoration and 3D reconstruction. In accordance with this, the objects of research will be studied from multiple perspectives by experts in the humanities, social, technical and natural sciences using specific approaches and using a variety of sources of information.

Such an approach will also allow transferring the direction of research into the applied sphere, linking research interests with economic feasibility, which makes it unique even on a global scale, since in other projects of this kind this goal has never become a priority.