Tuyakbayev Marat Kymyzovich

Candidate of Historical science, Cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Research consultant of the “Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement” project

Tuyakbayev M. K. is a well-known specialist in the history and culture of the ancient Turkestan. Many years he was the head and member of archaeological works of the Institute of Archaeology named after A. K. Margulan on a number of historical sites of Turkestan oasis.

More than 30 years he has worked at the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum “AzretSultan” in Turkestan. Marat Kymyzovich was awarded with jubilee medals and has titles “Honored worker of culture” and “Cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The researcher has more than 115 scientific articles and 7 books. Among them, the most important are “Hoard and coins of Turkestan”, “Late Eastern cities of Turkestan oasis”, “Urban typology and settlements of Turkestan oasis” and many others.