Kamenskyi Alexey Vladimirovich

Documentary Director, Chevalier of the Order of Parasat

Alexey Kamensky is a famous Kazakhstan film director and screenwriter of many documentaries that had been rewarded prestigious international awards.

Filmography: “Under the everlasting eye of heaven”, “Fatima”, “The Silk Road of Marco Polo”, “Kazakh Renaissance. Zhumat Shanin”, “Special Land. Qyzylorda” and others.

Awards: Diploma of the International film festival “World of Knowledge”, grand prix of the “2016 Asia-Pacific Intangible Cultural Lives” documentary film festival (Seoul, South Korea), special prize of the International film festival films of Africa, Asia and Latin America (Milan, Italy), “Kulager” prize for the best documentary of 2019 awarded by the Filmmakers Union of Kazakhstan and others.

In 2019, during the “Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement” project, Alexey Kamenskyi was the author and film director of the documentary film “Turkestan Renaissance: Kultobe settlement” that shows the story of the most ancient Kazakhstani settlement and working in progress of the project.