Gennady Petrovich Ivanov

Archaeologist, PhD.

The head of the excavation of the “Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement” project since 2021.

During all these years, he led many archaeological excavations on the territory of Uzbekistan. Excavations carried out in the Ferghana Valley at six burial grounds and ten settlements from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. Member of the Uzbek-Italian expedition (Uchkulakh settlement in Bukhara region in 2004-2007), Uzbek-Swiss expedition (Suleymantep settlement in Samarkand region in 2008-2010 and Karshaultep settlement in 2011-2020), Uzbek – American expedition (Kiziltep settlement in Surkhandarya region in 2011), Uzbek-Russian expedition (Uzun Dara fortress in Surkhandarya region in 2013), Uzbek-Chinese expedition (Ming tepa Marhamat settlement, Andijan region, 2015-2017) and many others.

The research materials have published in more than 40 scientific articles and two monographs.