Senigova Taisiya Nikolayevna
b. 1922

Candidate of historical sciences

The main part T. N. Senigova’s biography connected with monumental study research of the South Kazakhstan, including the monuments of the ancient Turkestan.  Her science researches   become as handbook for many generations of scientists, archaeologists and museum staff.

The first archeological documents of the Kultobe settlement was received in 1973 by archeological group of the History and Archeological Institute named after C. C. Ualikhanov and under the supervision of T. N. Senigova.

In this field season an excavation was laid in the western part of the hill of Kultobe that opened a number of residential buildings dating from the XVIII–XIX centuries as well as fragments of the Early–Medieval ceramics and in Otrar stroked coin were found.

The results of the archeological studies on Kultobe settlement were published «The cult construction alongside to the Khodja Akhmed Yasawi», «The ceramic of Turkestan settlement from the construction horizon topside (XVII–XVIII centuries)», «The new data about Turkestan settlement».