Konstantin Alexandrovich Sheiko


Archaeologist, the head of the excavation of the “Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement” project since 2021.

He explored such famous monuments of Uzbekistan as: "Kurgan", Fayaz-tepa, small Chingiz, the palace of the Termez rulers and the sacristan of Old Termez. He led several archaeological expeditions to study the monuments “Munchoktepa", "Kampirtepa", "Khudoidottepa", "Shyrob kyrgon", "Dabil Kyrgon", "Tilla Bulok", "Uzun-Dara", "Kanka”, "Karshovul" and many others.

Author of more than 30 scientific and popular scientific publications on the issues of archaeology and restoration of historical monuments.