Kazizov Yerlan Satybaldiyevich

Master of History, Archeologist

He is a specialist of the Bronze Age of Central and Eastern Kazakhstan, Buddhism monuments of the late medieval and modern times and the conservation and restoration of archaeological sites and artifacts.

Since 2005, he is the senior specialist in more than twenty archaeological expeditions, including: Stone Age sites, necropolises and settlements of the Middle and Late Bronze Age, necropolises of the early nomads of Western, Central and Eastern Kazakhstan, barrows of the medieval nomads of North-East Kazakhstan, mausoleums of the Golden Horde period, Dzhankent, Taraz, Shymkent cities and others.

The head of several archaeological expeditions of following studies: the Bronze Age barrows of Kenzhekol, Karakoytas, the medieval Buddhist temple Ablaykit and others. Member of the international archaeological expeditions: Kazakhstan-German expedition to study cassiterite deposits of the Bronze Age, monuments in the flood zone of the Katun hydroelectric station and others.

He has over 30 research articles and 2 monographs. Among the most significant publications: “Ablaykit in the light of archaeological, historical and oriental studies”, “Studies at the Ablaykit archaeological complex in 2016-2018,” “History of religions in Kazakhstan (antiquity and the medieval)”, “the Buddhist monastery Ablaykit” and many others

Starting from 2020 Kazizov Y.S. is a specialist of the “Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement” project