Altynbekov Krym Altynbekovich

Fine art restorer, Honored worker of Kazakhstan, chevalier of the order “Kurmet”

Research consultant of the «Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement» project

Krym Altynbekov the leading scientist-restorer of archaeological artifacts of the Central Asia. Founder and head of the scientific-restoration laboratory “The Island of Crimea”. He developed and patented several methods of conservation and restoration. Also, he is the author of many reconstructions of vestments and attributes of the ancient nomads. Among them are the worlds famous: “The Golden Man”, “Berel horses”, “Sarmatia leader”, “Sarmatia priestess” and many others.

Altynbekov K. A. is a participant of many republican and international archaeological expeditions. In 2014, he honored the chevalier order of the Hungarian Order of Merit for distinguished service in the revival and promotion of the Scythian and Saka heritage.

The author published a lot of publications, including monographs on the problems of restoration and reconstruction of ancient artifacts. These works include: “Preservation and restoration of degraded wood of the Berel mound”, “Research and the costume reconstruction based on the materials of the Arzhan 2 mound”, “Preservation experience and archaeology monuments presentation”, “Renaissance treasures of Kazakhstan: Experience of scientific restoration”, “Revealed from ashes” and many others.