• 150-year-old jeweler’s tools unearthed at Kultobe ancient settlement

150-year-old jeweler’s tools unearthed at Kultobe ancient settlement

TURKESTAN. KAZINFORM Just a very short while ago 150-year-old jeweler’s tools were unearthed at Kultobe ancient settlement.

The tools are the rarest findings and hold a special place in exploring traditional Kazakh arts of early and late periods, Kazinform reports.

According to research scientist of the Kazakh Science Research Institute of Culture, archeologist and art restorer Ruslan Sherbayev, the Kultobe tools were purposed for engraving. The collection of jewels found at Kultobe is quite unique; it has samples of early vari-colored style belonging to Kangyui epoch and is replenished thanks to archeological excavations by jewelries of early and late Middle ages. These are the jewels made of gold, silver, bronze, copper and other metals.

The Kultobe findings are unquestionable evidence of professionalized traditional jeweler’s art which history dates back centuries.

Notably, a copper injection mold was also discovered there. Apparently it was used for moulding women’s earrings. It weighs some 150 grams.

For more details visit the official website of Kultobe ancient settlement archeological park www.kultobe.com and Facebook (@kultobe), Instagram (@kultobe) accounts.

Publication Date: 12.08.2020

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