• Qazaq Geography will study the tourist potential of the Turkestan oasis

Qazaq Geography will study the tourist potential of the Turkestan oasis

«At the initiative of the Tourism department of the Turkestan region, the Republican public association Qazaq Geography will be implementing an explore project, tourist potential of the Turkestan oasis from October 15 to 22». Tengritravel.kz.

A group of tourism representatives, archaeologists and historians will explore meaningful historical, cultural and tourist sites within a radius of 100-150 kilometres from Turkestan for eight days.

Specialists will identify historical and cultural objects of the Turkestan oasis, including those that are little explored.  Also, they assess their current state, certify them. They will also identify potential objects of agro - and ethnotourism and then include them in the tourist route of the Turkestan oasis.

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The development of Turkestan as the centre of the cultural and spiritual capital of the Turkic world, international tourism and pilgrimage in Central Asia is one of the strategic priorities of the tourism policy. Therefore, state support in this sector is a necessary condition for sustainable development. The Turkestan region has good opportunities for tourism development both at the regional and international level.  The Turkestan region has unique architectural, historical and archaeological monuments, wonderful nature and preserved original culture.

Currently, there are 1663 archaeological and architectural monuments in the Turkestan region.  All of them have a special meaning to the history and culture of the country. Among them, there is one monument of international significance (the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi), 31 - national interest, 421 - local interest.  The list of provisional entries includes 1,210 objects of historical and cultural heritage. 

Among the archaeological sites, it is possible to designate the settlement of Kultobe, where conservation and restoration work is being carried out on a total area of 27 hectares.  Work has already has carried out on 18 hectares. A well-maintained archaeological park with pedestrian streets and a covered dome will create here in the future.

The Sauran settlement locates 45 kilometres northwest of Turkestan. It is a multi-faceted and polygonal area, surrounded by a fortress wall and stretched from north to south. Its dimensions from north to south - 850 meters, from east to west-660 meters.

And the settlement of Karnak is located on the western edge of the village of Karnak. It dates back to the VII-VIII-XIV centuries.

These and other objects of historical and cultural significance should be preserved and made accessible to tourists. That is why this project is being implemented. 

Publication Date: 14.10.2020

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