Christcross construction

Christcross construction is situated in the South part of Kultobe-Yasi citadel. This is a massive christcross construction (equilateral cross). The cross size are 18x18 m, the width of the “rays” is 7 m. The “Cross” is almost exactly oriented on the coordinate point’s directions with a correction no more than 8° clockwise. The edges of the cross are rounded. The walls height up to three meters and are built of rammed clay and mud brick.

The construction has three rooms: a central long length building (13.7x2.9 m) and one premises each connected with arched passages and located on both sides of the central (2.35x2.9 m).

Experts are agree in opinion that the christcross construction has only religious functions and are an ancient sanctuary (temple).

Approximate age of the christcross construction  III century AD. In general, this is a cult sanctuary characteristic of the  Sarmatian-Kangyu era. Most likely, this is a Zoroastrian sanctuary.

Analogues of the christcross temple of Kultobe-Yasi (but not in the same good condition) can be found in Taraz region (Kazakhstan), in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.