• Ornaments “sounds”: ancient ceramics being restored at Kultobe settlement

Ornaments “sounds”: ancient ceramics being restored at Kultobe settlement

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - Under the project of the Kazakh Research Institute of Culture «Restoration of historical sites of the Kultobe settlement», researchers are restoring not only historical sites, but also fragments of unique ceramic artifacts found during archaeological research, Kazinform reports.

According to historians, samples and fragments of glazed ceramics of the XV- XVIII centuries, founded in the 2020 field season at the Kultobe settlement, clearly demonstrate the original Turkistan style, which was influenced by many factors, correspondent of «Kazinform» IIO reports.

According to the Kazakh Research Institute of Culture’s research associate and archaeologist Yerlan Kazizov, the samples of ceramic products found at Kultobe and at the moment being restored are one of the unique layers of the region’s artistic culture that shows the tastes and preferences of local pottery masters.

«The restoration of archaeological ceramics involves not only archaeologists and historians, but also professional artists. For example, Dinara Srozhitdinova, a Turkistani artist and ceramist, helps me in restoration process. This is a very detailed, but at the same time, fascinating work: to collect a whole product from fragments. The fragments are very different: from tiny to large», says senior researcher of the project, archaeologist Yerlan Kazizov.

Recently discovered finds belong to rare samples of yellow-colored glazed ceramics with paintings in brown, greenish, orange and other colors, dating from the XVI – XVIII centuries. But, in general, the Kultobe ceramics dated by the XVI – XVIII centuries is distinguished with a bright and rich color, a kind of compositional interpretation of foliage, buds and flowers, i.e. the decor of Kultobe ceramics. It is a regional part of the famous «Timurid style», is typical to the group of Iranian ceramics, the imitation of Chinese porcelain and undoubtedly different in the local interpretation of famous medieval ornamental motives of the East and personal masters improvisation.

This type of local art craft improperly has little attention in the scientific works of Russian researchers. The exception is the only article by Y.A.Smagulov dedicated to the Turkistan potters. Therefore, the finds presented today are a valuable contribution to the study of the artistic culture of the region and local pottery production», says the ethnographer and archaeologist, leading researcher of the project «Restoration of historical sites the Kultobe settlement» Aisulu Yerzhigitova.

Each unique finds, we strive not only to study, but also to present it immediately. Ceramics that are being presented today are really different by a special ornamental system, combining floral, geometric patterns and a special interpretation of color. Its research is being continued by our specialists.

We invite ancient history and culture enthusiasts of Kazakhstan to get closer with these and other rare finds on the official website of the Kultobe Settlement Archaeological Park www.kultobe.com and our publications on Facebook (@kultobe) and Instagram (@kultobe_). There are you can find the significant results of the project. The projects is under the financial support of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)», sums up the chief researcher of the project, cultural scientist Zhanyerke Shaigozova.


Publication Date: 22.07.2020

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